Both branches start with the same workshop. The aim is to give the students a gentle intro to the Horstmann Technique.

For you who wants to be a practitioner and give HT treatments you will continue with Practitioners.

If you would like to use HT for your personal development, you continue with Personal Journey.

Introductory Horstmann (IH)

If you would like to treat yourself and family.

HT treatments are strong and deep on every level, both physical, emotional and spiritual. The aim with the IH workshop is to give the student a soft start into HT. The workshop aims mainly at self-treatment but also includes some basic form of treatment so you can treat family and friends. IH is a stand-alone workshop that doesn’t requires any prior knowledge.

The workshop is around 10 hours during which the student gets to know the background of its founder, Trish Trowbridge, and self-treatment of Ileo-Sacral Release, Arm-Shoulder Release and Foot Release.

After Introductory Horstmann

If you would like to learn more about the Horstmann Technique after you’ve done the Introductory Horstmann workshop there are two branches.

For you who wants to work as a therapist and give Horstmann treatments there is Practitioners.

For you who wants to use the HT for your self-development there is Personal Journey.

You can of course combine the two.

If you would like to work with animals, you can after IH learn as a animal therapist.

PRACTITIONERS (certification)

The learning continues after Introductory Horstmann with

  • Ileo-Sacral Release (2 days)
  • Arm-Shoulder Release (1 Day)
  • Foot Release (1 day)
  • Self-Sabotage Release (2 days)

Before the Practitioners Accreditation workshop the student must have given at least 20 documented HT treatments and received themselves at least 10 HT treatments. The accreditation workshop is both practical and theoretical over 2 days. After the workshop you will be able to treat for example shoulder problems, sciatica, lumbago, stress, RSI, mouse arm and tennis elbow.


These processes are for people who wants to continue their spiritual journey and growth. The workshops are relatively short but considering eventual healing effects it is recommended to not have a full calendar days after a workshop.

There are no rules to have to participate in every PJ workshop, and the time to process every step is individual. It is just a personal journey you do with the help of a Facilitator.

You who have participated in Practitioners (at least ISR) can increase your HT competence with these subtle energy processes whenever you like.

The following process are included in Personal Journey:

  • Aura Drainage and Point 8
  • The Key
  • Genetic Sabotage Release
  • Karmic Release
  • Seven Golden Points
  • Thymus Release

Karmic Release, Seven Golden Points and Thymus Release are held as RETREAT workshops.

You who wants to treat animals.

If you would like to work with animals after Introductory Horstmann you can learn as a Animal Practitioner.

Responsible for Horstmann for Animals is Onessa.